In interior design, the most common choice that people use is woodgrain. Because in addition to giving a feeling of being close to nature, being warm and comfortable. Decorating the house with woodgrain can also be adapted to the lifestyle of the owner of the place beautifully, perfectly and not boring. Just match the simple colors that we take for example, such as black and white.

The interior is decorated with woodgrains and black.

If you are someone who likes dark until black colors. Matching the interior with woodgrain in dark brown tones will help indicate a calm and solemn lifestyle, but still have warmth and help make it look too casual. Even more decorated with warm lights or plants such as cacti or green plants growing in the house. It will help brake the intensity and have a contrasting color in the room, making it look lively and not boring.

The interior is decorated with woodgrains and white.

But if you are a person who likes bright colors or white. Prefers natural light and dislikes dark spaces. Pairing a lighter tone of woodgrain with white is the best. Adding a lighter shade of gray or cream will also warm up the room. And decorating with dried flowers will help control the tone of the room to look comfortable as well.

These are just a few examples to help you have more fun decorating your room. Try matching your favorite colors with different woodgrains to create your own style.

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