In this world, there are different styles of home decoration that everyone likes. Whether it's minimalist style, luxury, same tone or extreme contrasting colors, but there is one thing that everyone's needs the same, the main element in the room must be both beautiful and functional. And the one thing that is beautiful, simple and goes well with any type of room decoration is "White Counter Top"

Today, THG has a little interesting trick for using white counter top to fit in with any interior styles, let’s take a look!

White Counter Top in black and white decoration.

In this decoration style, it will focus on simplicity by using white and black without many patterns. A little plant might be added to make the room more lively but not look too much. The commonly used white counter tops in Pure White, without pattern to become one with the whole room.

White Counter Top in woodgrains decoration.

In this decoration style, it based on earth tone color like white, cream and brown that make you feel heart-warming. There is woodgrain in mainly decoration. Therefore, choosing a white counter top in this style can be either Pure White that makes the room brighter or warm white like White Limestone to help the room look softer and more comfortable.

White Counter Top in colorful decoration.

In this decoration, it will focus on a variety of colors, maybe using 2 pairs of contrast color or it can be a colorful throughout the room. Therefore, choosing a white counter top in this style can help to break a lot of color and support the worktop outstanding. It is both a leading point and resting the eye at the same time.

These are some little tricks that THG recommended, we also have more white shades to choose. And if you are interested in other colors, THG Solid Surface have it too. Please contact us for advised.

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