If talking about various counter tops, especially those used in the kitchen. It can be said that we have to pay attention to the function that is suitable to use for each person very much. Because it is a place that we have to use every day. Today, THG has brought our POSTFORM in each profile to introduce. To make it easier for customers to decide which form post to use for their use.

1. STANDARD form

This type of POSTFORM is our standard and most popular format. with a shape that the edges are slightly rounded It can help reduce accidents from severe impact. Suitable for people who want simplicity but it still helps to consider safety in important points that have been overlooked.

2. TYPE 2 form

This type of POSTFORM is similar to the standard format but the counter edge is rounded on both sides. Very suitable for counter islands or a counter that is not wall mounted because it can be used safely on both sides.


This type of POSTFORM is similar to the standard as well, but looks thinner and the edges are rounded into a half circle. More beautiful suitable for people who want function with a beautiful design. Appropriate for places where there might be curved doors or furniture that are rounded.

4. BEVEL EDGE form

This type of POSTFORM is a sloping edge. Appropriate to place your hand or forearm in a more comfortable state. Suitable for people who want their body to be at the most suitable point.


This type of POSTFORM is a standard design that adds protection against food particles or dirt splashing onto the back wall. Suitable for people who love cleanliness and can handle stains more conveniently than cleaning the walls.

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