For interior design, whether it is a room divider, wardrobe selection or choosing a showcase/cabinet. The preferences for choosing these items are all different. Creating a wide range of options to match the style of our customers is our concern. Whether the shape of the door, both thickness and handle. or a wide variety of colors.

Today we will bring you to see what THG RAVE Doors can mix and match with style and glass.

1) Luxury and elegant interior style

In this category can be subdivided into

1.1) Brighten Luxury

Frame doors from RAVE Doors that we recommend are Rose Gold, Chrome and Ash Brown. All three colors can reflect the light, It help the room look more sparkling and beautiful. The recommended frame door is A profile, whether it's A212 or A220, which has a thin shape. It will make the door look more sleek.

1.2) Calming Luxury

Frame doors from RAVE Doors that we recommend are darker frame, such as Classic Black and Manhattan Graphite. These two colors will give the room to classic look. Matched with the decoration of black furniture and dark wood grain will help the room going in the same tone. The recommended door frame is a profile with a built-in handle, such as A212RH and C422RH. Because they are the same piece it make the room look elegant and timeless.

2) Minimal interior style

In this category, it is divided into 2 types

2.1) Modern Minimal

Frame doors from RAVE Doors that we recommend are Silver and Black. These two colors are perfect for a modern look because the decorating in this style is to use only two primary colors that is white and black. It need to be simple, less but more. The recommended door frame profiles are those with built-in handles. To show the simplicity and fit in one piece, such as the C422RH profiles.

2.2) Japandi Minimal

Frame doors from RAVE Doors we recommend are Silver and Brown. Because the style of decorating a room focuses on brightness, especially natural light, wood grain and earth tones. The door frame used can be selected in a variety profiles, whether A212, A220 or C422, depending on the needs.

From all of the above, you can see that cabinet door frames and partition doors feom THG RAVE Doors can be chosen to suit every usage and lifestyle of the homeowner.

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