Among all the aluminum frames we have designed. Three profiles that are suitable for wardrobe doors, display cabinets or storage cabinets in an interior area. Aluminium frame A series and C series profiles are ideal for use. But each profile is suitable for any interior style or any kind of need. Today we will advise that.

1. Aluminium frame door A212 series : Always a la mode

The highlight of the A212 door frame is sleek, petite and stylish. If your space are narrow and not very tall. Using this aluminum door frame will make the room look taller and spacious. Because the sleek frame will help the door look longer. If insert with clear glass It will show the design of the aluminum frame that is stacked in layers on the back. Help the room look more stylish.

2. Aluminium frame door A220 series : Avant-garde

The highlight of the A220 door frame is that it is designed to be equal on all sides with symmetry, therefore suitable for interior designs that require modernity. Especially if the color is used in black or white and insert with glass. Whether it is clear glass or mirror. It will be more responsive to the design in this style.

3. Aluminium frame door C422 series : Classic

The highlight of the C422 door frame is that it is quite versatile and evergreen. Because of the classic design and can be used in a variety of ways. This series can make a lockable door. Suitable for cabinets or wardrobe that you want to keep things hidden and secret. In addition, this design is also the most solid and strongest in three profiles mentioned above.

These are a few tips to help you decide on the right aluminum frame for cabinet doors to suit your space and style.

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