Aluminum frame doors are made using specially designed aluminum profiles they can then be assembled into a variety of sizes.
Aluminum has very durable properties including being corrosion resistant.

Many people may wonder, where and how can you use RAVE Doors Aluminum frame? Today, THG will introduce everyone to RAVE Doors aluminum frame. Our RAVE Doors can be assembled into furniture for interior decoration as follows:


Equipment that has an important role in keeping things organized or categorizing your collection as a beautiful home decor item such as a favorite corner bookshelf, the luggage rack you love, your favorite shoe rack. Make it easy to find and grab. Popular as a separate object or integrated into the structure of the house.


An indispensable part of the wardrobe is a place that can be used to store clothing or physical items to protect clothes from dust and insects. Wardrobe features are generally open and sliding such as wardrobe, walk-in closets and big office cupboards often used in homes, condos, or hotels.


Our aluminum cabinet doors are used for residential and commercial interiors. Whether it's kitchen cabinets, office furniture cabinets,
or showcases. The material inside the aluminum frame can be covered with glass or laminate as needed.


It is widely used, especially the sliding door used to divide the space from a wide room make it smaller or narrower for proper use and to share the area of use such as preventing the air conditioner from spreading outside the desired area, used as room dividers to divide the space sometimes providing privacy where necessary.

Ours RAVE Doors are available in a variety of colors. and various models If you are interested,
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