Are you wondering? How to clean the aluminum frame doors in your home such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and showcases to keep the aluminum frame doors in your home looking like new.

Today we have some easy tips for cleaning aluminum frames for you.

Wipe cloth or blow dryer

Wipe the dust off with a soft dry cloth or use air dryer to prevent dust from sticking and prevent dust particles from rubbing against the aluminum and causing scratches on the aluminum frame.

Do not use hard thing

Do not use hard cleaning equipment such as a toothbrush to rub the aluminum directly or use caustic chemicals because it will cause unwanted marks on the surface of the aluminum frame.

Water can clean

Aluminum frames can be wiped with normal water. Using a damp cloth and then wring it dry before wiping it onto the surface of the aluminum frame. But for those who want a deep clean you may use glass cleaner or mild dishwashing liquid instead. Do keep in mind not to use cleaning chemicals or water on the hinges.

If you want your aluminum frame to always look as good as new. It should be cleaned for beauty and to reduce the accumulation of dirt. In this way, it will keep the aluminum frame doors in your house looking like new.

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