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Because everyone has different interests. Whether it's a hobby that you like, food that you like, dress that you like. Including the colors and styles of room decoration that you like.

So today, we have 11 of the most popular THG RAVE DOORS interior aluminium frame door colors to introduce.

Snow Frost

This frame color is white with a textured surface. Gives a snowy feel just like the color name. Suitable for people who want a room that looks clean and white. But there are small details to pay attention to.


This frame color is silver with cool gray tones, suitable for people who want simplicity. And this color is also very popular for use in hospitals as well.

Rose Gold

This frame color is rose gold and suitable for homes that want luxury but with a younger feel by using a pink undertone.

White Gold

This frame color is gold with a rich satin surface. It is the lightest shade of gold from THG RAVE DOORS.


This frame color is gold and suitable for interiors that require a luxurious look. It's a very popular color.

Copper Mist

This frame color is the darkest shade of gold from THG RAVE DOORS with a slight copper undertone.

Ash Brown

This frame color is ash brown. But what stands out is the highly reflective surface that makes it not boring and looks like the frame changes color according to the reflected object.


This frame color is brown and is a very popular color. It's not too dark and not too bright. It can also fit perfectly into a house decorated with woodgrain.

Manhattan Graphite

This frame color is similar to the brown color but without the red brown undertone. So it is become closer to a shade of grey, but not as dark as black.

Classic Black

This frame color is black. The customised texture make this black appear to have a gloss and can reflect with light.

Dark Sand

This frame color is matte black. It has a highly textured surface. But because it is black, it feels like we are touching the grains of sand.

All 11 colors introduced. We hope that these aluminium frame colours from THG RAVE DOORS will match your needs and make you have more fun with designing.

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