Solid surface is a manufactured stone made from 100% acrylic. It has many advantages over natural stone, with more durable textures and colours that are not distorted. Therefore, it is increasingly popular to be used as a tabletop or countertop in medical work.

Because healthcare is a place that must be clean and hygienic, the materials used must not be porous and the seams must be tightly sealed because it will not cause bacteria and fungi to hide and grow.

Solid surface is non-toxic material in case of fire. Therefore, it is suitable for use in common areas as this ensures that there will be no spread of toxins to people.

It is also UV resistant and resistant to heat, acid and alkali. The surface colour of the solid surface does not change and has a long service life. Therefore, it is popular in the design and interior in the medical fields.

And the special properties of the glue that is the seams are not noticeable. It can support unlimited and large designs and make a long countertop resulting in a lot of usable space to work.

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