In the past, researchers Andrew Elliot and Markus Maier have noted in color psychology that "color may have a significant correlation with human emotion." Choosing colours that relate to human feelings and behaviors can cause mood changes. This concept has gradually It is the main concept and has been continuing for a long time to the present. Including, in terms of design and use in various aspects of daily life.

Maria Vasilj, a guest writer from The Dietitian Editor, said "Different colours can mean different things to different people, depending on the culture, family traditions, preferences, lifestyle, profession, and past experiences." She also said that "simply by using a specific color or combination of different colours, we can cause a feeling and even a reaction in those who see those colours. You have probably reacted to colours many times and in many ways without even realizing it."

Cozy style is an interior that focuses on making the surroundings look warm, comfortable, and peaceful. Therefore, designers and homeowners tend to choose ‘Earth Tone’ colours which are white, cream, brown, green, or warm tones as the main color of design and add more distinctiveness and modernity with aluminum frame doors in similar color tones.

Using the same color frame, it can also be used in many styles such as modern design. Metallic or metal tones whether silver, gold, or pearl are a colours group that conveys luxury and modernity and is suitable for use as elements to add charm to other colours.

Therefore, using color tones is one of the key concepts for interior designers to meet the needs of homeowners and residents, especially "color" which is another important parameter for the home atmosphere and also has emotional effects as well.

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Crystal Garden Autocad By Viva ll Vilette Pannana show House ll Jin Wellbeing Elderlycare Centre

"Colours change, and so do moods."

These are examples of RAVE Doors, aluminum frame doors. Another option for you to consider. Pick one or more to suit the color tone and atmosphere of the house according to your needs.

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