Colors and Tones are one of the main design factors that are most important to the homeowner. When we design our homes, we want the design to be endlessly unique to us, colors and tones affects the mood of the room.

Textures are another important factor that affects the mood of the space. Therefore, choosing a surface that is suitable for your use and your preferences will inevitably affect your feelings. Whether it is smooth texture, sandy texture, or line texture. You can choose according to your needs.

THG RAVE DOORS, the expert in aluminum frame doors. We offer various textures of aluminum door frames to help create your unique home.

Smooth skin

The surface has no pattern, shiny, smooth to the hand, and pleasant to the touch. This type of surface is both luxurious and pleasing to the eye. Add charm and luxury to yourself.

Sand surface

The surface looks like it's on sand. The surface is rough but feels new and interesting. Both give excitement every time you touch it. It also fits comfortably in the hand, reducing friction when holding it firmly.

Line texture

The surface is characterized by lines. It will help reduce friction while in use. Due to the surface of the lines, it is easy to grip, not slippery, and has a distinctive texture. Gives a strong, cool, and stable feeling.

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