When a requirement for your home and interior design is strength, durability, or maximum fire resistance in any combination, "STEEL" doors and frames provide the qualities to meet these needs. Meanwhile "ALUMINIUM" has been called a ‘Magical Metal’. If you prefer lightweight, strong with beautiful finishes.

Here are the advantage between steel door and aluminum doors frame which is you can make the decision for your preference.


When it comes to building a house, renovating, or interior decoration. One of the main factors that homeowners consider the most is price. It is undeniable that cost is very important in today's era. With the cost of building and equipment for each production work is quite expensive. Moreover, the room or house will be with us for many more decades. Therefore, the decision to choose the material must choose a design that is pleasing and worth the investment.

Strength and weight

Steel is one of the most durable materials. In the construction or architect industry, this material is often used to strengthen the structure as the main. It is resistant to sunlight, rain, fire resistance and is also suitable for installing a comprehensive protection system. But the strength that steel has it's comes with a higher weight as well.

Aluminium is known as a type of 'Metal', although the strength is less than steel but Aluminium itself is very strong as well. And the lighter weight gives aluminium an advantage to create the interior design and easy to get the attention of homeowners.

Interior Design

'Steel' is the best choice when you focus on strength and durability and use it with a security system. But in terms of interior design, Steel has a number of design limitations if you are considering choosing this material such as being heavy, easy to rust, difficult to bend, and quickly heating up in hot and humid climates.

Currently, the interior design trends have focused on simplicity but luxury at the same time, so 'Aluminium' is the top choice for designers and homeowners.

There are many advantages besides those mentioned above. Aluminium is often used for interior door frames. Suitable for use as a frame to match glass or other materials. When used to coat with an anodizing method to add color and smooth surfaces, making it easy to maintenance.

As concluded, both steel and aluminium have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the selection, design, and decision of the homeowner.

For the above features, THG Aluminium RaveDoor has been designed for interior designers and homeowners who love modernity, luxury, simplicity, durability, easy maintenance, and can be also tailored to suit every lifestyle.

THG Ravedoor Aluminium is available in different models. 'C' model, the thick frame to emphasize strength. Another model is the popular one, 'A' model is the thin frame that is often modified and used to decorate various parts of the house such as door frames, showcase doors, wardrobes, shelves, etc.

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