Rose Gold with Interior Design

We would think of black or dark door frames when it comes to interior design or built-in that are always popular. It has been widely popular for a long time because of ease of maintenance. The dark tone is a basic color that designers can bring many ideas to design a variety of styles easily, matching with every color tone, and suitable for every place.

If we talk about the hot new color trends of interior design in the past few years, one of the first that comes to mind will be "Rose Gold".

The origin of Rose Gold was not in the Interior Design industry from the start. It was the jewelry industry in 19th century before spreading to various industries and has grown rapidly in popularity over the past seven years. It is predicted that “Rose Gold” will be another popular color in the coming years for door frame interior design.

The unique feature of tone is the combination of gold and copper, becoming "Pink Gold" or "Rose Gold" as we know nowadays. This color is suitable for women who like Modern Luxury, unique gimmicky, and not boring. THG RaveDoor Aluminium is designed to respond to the requirements that we talk about.

THG Rose Gold RaveDoor is classified as a bright color tone. Which is a soothing color tone and when paired with clear glass will make our room look more dimensional, more spacious, bright, and clean. Especially when it is designed and placed with LED lights or similar toned room and furniture.

THG RaveDoor frames are also available in many colors and models. Contact us if you need a catalog and enjoy choosing what you require.

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