RAVE Doors with Material Design Inserts

The common types of doors that are widely used in cabinets include the laminated plywood doors, real wood doors, glass doors and the ever popular aluminum frame doors.

Aluminum frame It is an option that homeowners think about and give priority to because the direction of popularity focuses on interior design that emphasizes more modernity, light but durable, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. The homeowner also considers the overall atmosphere or decoration style. It brings the use of aluminum frame doors more in line with the current trend.

What material will be put inside the frame?

This question always arises when homeowners decide to use aluminum framed doors. Whether it's a wardrobe door in the kitchen or cabinets in the house. ‘Glass’ are one of the options that designers or homeowners often choose. It has several advantages, such as making the cabinet door look more elegant and modern when paired with the frame. If focusing on controlling the color tone or style of decorating different rooms, aluminum framed doors can also be easily adapted and decorated in many styles.

This is an idea where you can combine RAVE Doors aluminum framed doors with glass or mirrors to make your room look airy and more comfortable. It also adds color to make the room look less boring.

RAVE Doors A212SH in Brown + Dark Tint Glass

RAVE Doors A220 in Rose Gold + Translucent glass

RAVE Doors A220 in Manhattan Graphite + Mirror

Different colors and features make the atmosphere or tone of the room change. Most homeowners prefer RAVE Doors aluminum frame doors with clear glass if they like the openness and ease of picking up items inside. RAVE Doors aluminum frame doors with translucent stained glass will become the first choice as the atmosphere softens. An additional option, a multi-functional item such as a RAVE Doors inserts mirror can also be used for dressing and is also an optical device that makes the room look wider as well.

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Many homeowners may be familiar with cabinet doors with classic design laminate bonding doors. If you want to add more modern elegance looking, Aluminum door frames with glass are another option to watch. Besides being beautiful and popular nowadays, it is also easy to maintain and has a longer service life than laminate.