Sliding Doors are highly versatile, very sleek and can be used in various locations. Especially in areas with space constraints, sliding doors are remarkably functional. They glide along a track, eliminating the need for clearance space required by swing doors. This maximizes usable floor space and provide easy access to the contents of the cabinet without obstructing pathways.

RAVE Doors 1915 kit sliding kit is ideal for the smaller sliding doors and can be paired with the slim, stylish A series or the classic C series. It is a great compliment as a sliding door for use as

KITCHEN CABINETS : It is most frequently used in kitchen cabinets to provide easy access to dishes, cookware, and pantry items. They're particularly useful in kitchens with limited space or where traditional swinging doors would obstruct movement.

CLOSETS : The 1915 is also a popular choices for more petite wardrobe doors in the bedroom. It maximizes floor space and allow for efficient organization of clothing and accessories.

MEDIA CABINETS : Entertainment centers and media cabinets often feature sliding doors to conceal electronics like televisions, gaming consoles, and media players. 1915 Sliding doors provide easy access to these devices while keeping them hidden when not in use.

BATHROOM CABINETS : In bathrooms, sliding doors can be used for cabinets storing toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies. They're space-saving and prevent obstruction in small bathroom layouts.

OFFICE STORAGE : Sliding doors are suitable for cabinets in home offices, corporate offices, or commercial settings. They provide easy access to files, supplies, and equipment while maintaining a tidy appearance.

DISPLAY CABINETS : Cabinets used to showcase items like collectibles, china, or trophies can benefit from sliding doors. They allow for effortless viewing of the displayed items while protecting them from dust and damage.

HOSPITAL SUPPLY CABINETS : RAVE Sliding doors with 1915 are highly used in hospitals for medical storage supplies. With the C series, it can have the further option of installing locks for added security. It is a great way to keep things secured and organized.

RETAIL DISPLAYS : In retail settings, sliding doors can be used on cabinets or display cases to showcase merchandise while providing easy access for customers and staff.

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