Having a Walk in Wardrobe counts as one of the foremost aspiration of many Fashionistas. The idea of having a spacious and well organized wardrobe is definitely exciting and a must in many luxurious homes.

While the idea is definitely fancy, a walk in wardrobe does have many advantages.

It is actually very practical.

It brings a sense of order and organization and feels spacious. They are super efficient at keeping things neat with its customizable shelvings, racks and storage. What we love most is that it enables you to see everything at a glance and provides quick and easy access to everything which are really great for stressful mornings or when you are in a rush.

It protects your clothes.

It encourages ventilation and allows for moisture to flow through, preventing mould, mildew and mustiness. Mould and mildew are a common problem in a tropical country like Thailand and a well designed walk in wardrobe helps your clothes and bags last longer.

It displays your collections.

It is an excellent way to display your beautiful collection of couture gowns, designer handbags and stunning jewelries. You can also make use of display tools like the RAVE Door LED shelves to create visual emphasis on your prized possessions.

It is your own space.

As they walk in wardrobes are built to order, it is a great opportunity to turn this into your own personal sanctuary. This space can be your own little nook to dress up and pamper yourself or you can go as bold as you dare!

C422RH in Cool Sophisticated Black

This eye catching timeless walk in wardrobe can be found in downtown Sukhumvit. It features RAVE Door C422RH in Cool Sophisticated Black strategically paired with clear glass insert allowing you to see everything at a glance. We truly love this contemporary feel and are proud to have RAVE Door be a part of this flawless urban space.

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