THG Solid Surface is an anti-bacterial 100% Acrylic material that blends design with functionality. It is a high-performance material that is easy to clean, stain resistant and bacteria resistant.

We support our customers in the following ways

  • Deliver solid surface by sheets to your factory.

  • Fabricating in our factory, according to your design specification and sent directly to you, ready for installation.

  • On-site installation services in Bangkok and upcountry provinces.

Popular Designs

THG Solid Surface is highly versatile and can be thermoformable (bending) into many different customized shapes and functions. Project references that our customers have engaged us to design and fabricate are shared below. For other customized designs, please contact us to speak with our experienced team of product advisors.

Free Standing Wash Basin

Take advantage of Solid Surface Thermoforming properties and allow your creativity to flow when designing free standing wash basins.

Countertop Sinks

Solid Surface hygiene qualities make it excellent for medical settings where cleanliness and bacteria resistance are required standards to prevent the spread of infections. These compact countertop sinks are great for use in medical wards.

Functional Countertop Profiles

These are some beneficial ways to utilize the properties of THG Solid Surface to make your kitchen more efficient.

DRIPLESS for Spill Preventions :

Keep your floor clean by adding a drip line on your countertop. Having a raised no drip edge will help to block liquids from spilling onto your flooring.

Wall saving Matching BACKSPLASH:

Backsplashes help to protect your kitchen walls from water damage and floor stains. Our matching backsplash are made of the same stain and bacteria resistant material making it easy to keep your kitchen clean. Get to increase the visual element of your countertops and protect your walls at the same time!

Project References

RAVE Doors, Cabinet Doors, Wardrobe Doors, Partition Doors, Solid Surface, High Pressure Laminates and Postform.

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