THG Postform Countertops are well engineered, affordable and durable. They are commonly used as countertops in kitchens, offices and restaurants and can also be used in sitting areas as benches.

Our postforming services are available in different designs, radius and can be bonded on your choice of wood.

Please contact us to customize your Postform Countertop.

Popular Postform Profiles


Back Splash

Type 2

Half Circle

Bevel Edge

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THG Bond on Wood Service Provides

  • Beautiful smooth appearance with no bubbling with our custom built pressing machine that ensures even pressure throughout the panel.

  • Only water based Non Toxic PVA Glue is used which ensures no fumes while being water and heat resistant.
  • Finished edges with option of HPL or PVC edging.

  • Your panels will come to you cut to size, no further need for you to cut to size before installing.

  • Flexible Wood thickness options up to 30mm.

Our Bond on Wood services are commonly used by our clients for countertops and wall panel decoration.



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RAVE Doors, Cabinet Doors, Wardrobe Doors, Partition Doors, Solid Surface, High Pressure Laminates and Postform.

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