THG Solid Surface as an interior building material is highly versatile and durable hence making it the preferred popular choice in various residential, commercial and institutional projects.

You can often find solid surface being used in these areas

Kitchen Countertops :

With its wide range of colours, seamless appearance and its stain resistant properties, solid surfaces provide a durable and hygienic food preparation surface.

Bathroom Vanity Tops :

Its sleek and seamless surface makes it resistant to moisture and easy to clean hence making it an ideal material for bathroom environments.

Shower and Tub Surroundings :

Its versatility in being moulded allows the opportunity to create custom shower and tub surrounds. Its non porous nature makes it water resistant and prevents the growth of mould and mildew. It can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the rest of the bathroom design, creating a cohesive and clean look.

Retail and Commercial Spaces :

Solid Surface are popular in retail and commercial spaces due to its high aesthetic appeal and long life. They can often be found in countertops, reception desk and display cases. It also can be shaped and formed into unique designs allowing for creative and eye catching displays.

Furniture and Accessories :

The ability to customise the shape of solid surface allows the creation of furniture statement pieces. They are also used as part of tables, desks, chairs and other decorative items.

Healthcare Environments and Laboratory Settings :

Its non porous surface, stain and bacteria resistant properties makes it a highly attractive choice for countertops, work surfaces and other high traffic areas in healthcare facilities and laboratory settings.

THG Solid Surface provides over 10 designs to select from with the option for installation services and design creation services. Installation services can be provided country wide within Thailand.

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