When you look around in the office, restaurants, home design or decoration, condominium or schools, you found out that Laminates will be with you everywhere but do you know how they are put up?

Try to find out the answer with us

These are some tips for your perfect Monochromatic Colour scheme.

1 Choose your Base Colour & build on it using variations of shades, hues & tints

Discover some of our colour palettes to jumpstart your designs

2 Add Textures and Patterns and aim for contrast.

Explore our HPL textures

3 Finish off with a creative accessory

Get creative as this is your chance to colour outside the line a little bit. You could use a unique furniture piece, a wall painting or perhaps even decorative vases.

RAVE Doors, Cabinet Doors, Wardrobe Doors, Partition Doors, Solid Surface, High Pressure Laminates and Postform.

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