From generations to generations

Era changes, thoughts and interests have been developing over time. History and evolution are often recorded through historical records, pictures, or even articles.

The same as the interior design era. We can often see or find answers through social media in today's era. Are you wondering what era the design or style that is popular nowadays started from?

According to the Infinity Design article, "the interior changed direction after World War II, when there was an industrial revolution. From the original focus on extravagant, luxurious decorations, it has been changed to be decorated in a simpler style because of economic problems. Coinciding with the emergence of modern materials such as steel and glass in the industry" which are currently widely popular materials.

Modern design is one of the many styles that have been popular since then, extending to the present.

You can notice that Modern style interiors focus on simplicity. Both color and shape often have geometric shapes, focusing on utility to meet the user's needs. The colors in the room tend to be controlled in the same direction and may add luxury by choosing materials that are shiny or shine when exposed to light as an element.

A cabinet or walk-in closet is part of the interior design that clearly reflects the evolution of the modern style, as mentioned above. It can be said that designs with walk-in closets as a part of the room influence and increase in popularity.

In addition, concepts and perspectives that emphasize freedom and independence believe that everything is different, which has been occurring since the Post-Modern era until the present day. In the Contemporary era, it has been influenced by globalization. Cultural diversity and developments in technology are combined. Materials, methods, ideas, and styles focus on a contemporary mix of old, middle, and new eras together.

The interior decoration in modern style is unique to each individual. Most of them focus on being as simple and natural as possible by using gray, cream, white, earth tones, or light brown tones. But there are some people who like outstanding, different, and unique designs expressed through colors, materials, or shapes while maintaining modernity through the combination of many styles.

In the future, we may see modern style decoration in many dimensions, both outstanding and unique. THG and RAVE Doors will be a part of it—a part of your home in the present and in the future.

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Source Credit: Infinity Design, Instyledecoparis

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