Minimal Cozy Style is a blend of nature and emotion into one story. Conveyed through decoration such as color tones, decorations, and furniture. Add a warm feeling to make it look more but still maintains a simple minimalist.

Today, THG has brought some ideas to decorate the room with laminate for Minimal Cozy people.

The material is natural

Decorations often use natural looking materials for decorations of floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture. Woodgrain laminates can be used to highlight natural beauty while feeling strong and durable, suitable for all conditions.

Happy color tones

Color tones are one of the mediums that create a feeling of warmth, lightness, and relaxation. The choice of color tones is therefore important, such as the earth tone color. Interior decoration by focusing on openness and exposure to all angles. Most of them use neutrals such as white, brown, light yellow, light grey, etc.

Simple, but meet the needs

Even the decoration is simple, but it must meet the needs of the use of space as well. There are many creative ways for partitioning the room
to be proportional, for example using a seat against the floor to replace a chair, etc.

Laminate are reasonable in price. But at the same time, it provides beauty and long service life. Choose laminate with THG, there are many colors to choose or interested can ask for more information from us. We are ready to service you.

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