Buildings after a long period of use, we may feel that it is starting to get boring and would like to change the interior space to look different from the past or appropriate with function in that moment

Using a partition door is the one of interesting option. Because in addition to helping to divide the area into proportions by doesn't take long to install, no need to construct the wall that make the area narrower and denser. And if we choose materials that are suitable for the area It will also make the interior space look more proportional, wider and more luxurious.

Popular for big partition doors from RAVE Doors are S8000 and E550 profiles, because they can support a lot of weight and stronger than other profiles. In addition, do not be worry about the color of the door frame will not suit for each personal style, because RAVE Doors has 10 colors to pick! (and there will be more). Whether a classic colour like Black, Silver and Brown colour. Or will be a more luxurious color like Chrome, Rose Gold, Ash Brown (with mirror anodised) and Manhattan Graphite colour.

From all of the above, we can see that the space is divided by partition doors will allow each area to be more proportional, each area can be used more valuable without interfering with other areas (like separating the kitchen area and living area in condominiums) and last, the owner's style can also be told which is the type from the material they pick to used.

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