White Standing wash basin design. It is another idea that adds beauty, chic and modernity to the bathroom in our home. The color tone that makes it look clean and beautiful is white tone. It is a color that is very popular in the design of wash basins.

Our Solid Surface are hygienic, heat-resistant, seamless, stain-free, antibacterial and antifungal.

Let's have a look at the idea of ​​designing a standing wash basin.

Start with an Italian design idea with the idea of combining a wash basin and a vanity together.

Italian style design ideas This is a floor-standing washbasin that is beautiful, elegant, modern and chic in its design. This is another idea
that is very interesting to follow.

Design ideas from China. These are modern, luxurious and unique designs of standing wash basin.

We hope these can inspire your design of a freestanding washbasin.

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