Because every use of space in each person's home is different. Choosing a door opening method that is appropriate for the area is therefore essential.

Today we have some trick for choosing how to open the door whether it's a swing door or a sliding door to consider.


1.1 Choose swing doors for general interior doors.

If your cabinet is used as a storage cabinet, showcase or wardrobe with standard dimensions. You can choose either swing doors or sliding doors. But using swing doors is convenient, as it is easy to install and is more affordable.

1.2 Choose swing doors if you have enough space to open them.

If you have enough space in your area with sufficient space to walk through and doors can be opened without affecting or blocking other uses. As before, you can choose to use both swing doors and sliding doors. But if you do it in multiple doors such as walk in closet or showcase in the whole wall. The use of swing doors will provide a more smooth door plane than sliding doors.

2. Choosing a sliding door

2.1 Choose sliding doors when the door area is huge.

If you want to make a huge door, such as a partition door. You should choose a sliding door because the door will have a lot of weight. Using swing door may make it unstable due to the weight distribution on the hinges and make it more difficult to use. The use of sliding doors will help to solve the problem.

2.2 Choose sliding doors if there is no space to open.

If your usage area is limited. Using swing doors will waste your usable space. Therefore, sliding doors are the answer. You can use the entire area. And opening or closing the sliding door doesn't take up any other space.

Hopefully these little tricks will make it easier for you to decide which door opening to use for which space. But it also depends on your own preferences. Have fun designing yourself!

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