Home and Interior Materials Combination

When we think of interior decoration, we include the bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The main materials for making multi-purpose cabinets or wardrobes that we often see in almost every house are usually laminate, frame, and glass components.

The reason may be that these materials have been tried and tested and hence widely popular for a long time. Materials are easy to find at affordable prices and can also be designed to suit each home style according to the needs of the residents. Laminate can bond and cover the surface, whether it's the cabinet structure or doors. Also, frame doors are popular among homeowners and meet the needs of modern design as well.

The most obvious advantage of laminate for surfaces is that it is beautiful, no matter what kind of pattern you want — wood pattern or plain color, smooth or rough texture, or reflective bright. There are many options for HPL to bond on the surface of the walls or doors.

Aluminum Door frames are very popular nowadays especially in the modern homes. The direction of decoration focuses more on modern style with a function that can choose the material inserts according to the purpose of use in a variety of ways, especially cabinet and wardrobe doors.

Glass is often the first material insert that comes to mind, such as clear glass in various tones that can show off the collection inside or a mirror that hides things to make appearance more orderly while the front mirror reflects our room to make it look even more airy and spacious.

Why should we choose only laminate bonding or door frames when we can mix and match?

These are the ideas for more flowing design combination between RAVE Doors and HPL.

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