The choice of dark tones to decorate the room is always a trending tone, as black will instantly make the room look wider, create a private space that can express your style to the living space. Do also be cautious that decorating in dark tones can also result in a narrow and uncomfortable room so choose your furnishing carefully to ensure it doesn't make the room look too dark or claustrophobic.

1. Simply a black tone room

Simplicity with limited space. Perfectly decorated with a small piece of furniture to suit the needs of the occupants by maintaining the mainly black tones. It is easy to know and use gray and white tones to help decorate the room so that the room looks softer.

2. Enchantment with laminates

Decorated with woodgrain laminate, the room looks charming, giving the overall picture in the room a more dimensional look. Create a non-boring atmosphere in the bedroom. There's always many dimensions to use. Therefore, you have to choose to control the color scheme of the décor in the room to match the walls and wooden floors to get the perfect identity in your bedroom. Laminates are a strong, durable, long lasting and easy-to-maintain material.

3. Perfectly Natura

Simple beauty with black tones. Simply decorate the black walls around the room and choose furniture in dark gray tones so that the interior is dimensional and not too dark. Enhance the natura look with some plants.

4. Kitchen Style

The dark tone kitchen also adds coolness and beauty. You also do not have to worry as much about stains in a dark tone kitchen.

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