Fulfill A Romantic Mood With Some Help From RAVE Doors

When February comes, most people think of Valentine's day as roses, chocolates, and romantic vibes.

And because of that, today, we have a few styles to decorate the room that not only help create a romance but it also helps convey the luxurious taste of the homeowner. Whether it's choosing a color scheme, lighting, or any other decoration materials.

First of all, for decorating this interior style. We will focus mainly on dark tones to create a mood and overall tone of the room to give a calm and romantic look. Once we have determined this, it will be much easier to looking for decoration materials.

Next step is to choose materials that we want to use. And here are some decoration materials that we recommend.

1. Dark wood grain laminates : Using dark wood grain laminates for interior decoration whether it is a floor, wall, ceiling, wardrobe doors or cabinet doors.
This material will help the room not look too hard due to the nature of wood grain patterns. And continue in the mood by choosing a dark color that is calm and luxurious.

2. Glass : Using glass, either clear glass or mirror for insert cabinet doors. It will be eye catching and add luxury to the room.
Because the glass will reflect objects and light well, making the room look wide and sparkling.

3. Frame door colours : Using the color of the door frame to make the frame contrast from the glass is another important option for decorating an interior in this style. We can choose a color for the door frame that is different from the glass. For example, if the glass insert is clear, the frame will be black.
Or if the glass insert is black, we can opt for bright gold tones like rose gold or chrome which will look compatible and follow the romantic theme.

4. Warm Light : Decorative lighting for this style to bring a romantic mood. Warm light should be used to make the room look softer.
Reduce the strength of the tone of the whole room to a calm and romantic intensity. And if adding lights to the glass shelves it will make the room
look more luxurious.

The last thing is choosing for furniture, we will focus on the use of warm tones like gray, brown, or cream colour. These colour tones helps the whole room blend in harmoniously and prevents the room from appearing too dark.

Hope these tips will help you decorate your room more fun. Minimalism without white and looks luxurious without a lot of decoration. Importantly,
it also gives a romantic feeling as well.

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