Different Feelings of Textures

Colour tone control is one of the main factors that room owners or homeowners tend to focus on. Because in addition to affecting the interior design, it also affects the mood of the residents.

Following different preferences for various styles of home decoration like simplicity and orderliness, unique design, luxury, or modern style. Colors are one of the top factors that owners will pay attention to because colors will affect different moods. So that is why the use of color tones is a priority important factor in interior decoration.

If we go into more details besides using color tones, “textures” is another thing that affects the mood of the owner as well. Especially the materials or things that room owners often touch on a regular basis such as cabinets or wardrobes.

THG RAVE Doors, the specialist in aluminum frame doors. We offer 3 different textures of aluminum door frames to give different feelings.

Clean and Smooth Texture

Distinctiveness: smooth, pleasant to touch, giving a soft feeling when touched. If it has a shiny surface, it will give a feeling of luxury and price. Suitable for room owners who like simplicity and luxury.

(For more referents please contact us: Silver, White Gold, Ash Brown and Black)

Line Texture

Distinctive features: Increases friction while in use, more comfortable to grip, and easier to use than the first type of skin. Although it increases the roughness of the texture with lines, smoothness is maintained. There is a feature to make the frame prominent and unique, it depends on the room color and tone that the owner chooses to use.

(For more referents please contact us: Chrome, Rose Gold, Brown and Manhattan Graphite)

Sand Texture

The rough surface gives the impression of excitement and attention. It reduces slippage and improves grip stability. Suitable for use and also suitable for owners who like something different.

(For more referents please contact us: Snow Frost and Dark Sand)

Each textures is unique and has a different feelings depending on the user.

Choose the style you like with THG RAVE Doors.

Pictures credit : AVinteriors, wattpad, behance, NINI CHAN.

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