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High Pressure Laminates comes in a wide range of designs and special characteristics that make every surface, pattern of laminate durable and versatile.

Wallpapers are materials that contain processed paper and are combined with other components such as gypsum, foam, paper, vinyl, PVC, and natural fibers, making them more sticky.

1. Patterns, colors and textures

High Pressure Laminates are available in a variety of colors. There are solid colors, wood grains, stone patterns, and fabric patterns.

Wallpapers are materials that contain processed paper and are combined with other components such as fabrics, gypsum, vinyl and fibers. It has various designs, colors and patterns, suitable for wall covering.

2. Textures

High Pressure Laminates is available in several textures from matt, glossy to realistic looking woodgrain textures.

Wallpaper are available in both oily and matte skin. Wallpapers are made of thin materials, so they are not popular to be coated over the surface, as this will cause the glue to deteriorate in its quality with its thinness.

3. Strength, durability

High Pressure Laminates is a covering material that will make the design work diverse. It is exceptionally durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for use in crowded areas and manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted standards.

Wallpapers made of paper or other fibers, cannot withstand scratches, are harder to care for, whether scratched. Using a damp cloth to wipe properly may lead to less service life or mold.

4. Installation

High Pressure Laminates are suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Pole panels, doors, shelves, tops, store fittings, showcases, offices, and much more.

Wallpapers can be easily installed in a single day, but their use should only be applied to the wall surface. It is not usually used on furnitures.

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