“Gold” is a color that has been popular in every era for a long time from the past to the present. Using Gold color to decorate your home conveys the elegance and classicism of the era. While it may seem overwhelming to use gold shades, the key is to strike a balance and not overdo it. Subtle touches of gold can go a long way in creating an expensive and elegant atmosphere.

Gold is the color of luxury and brilliance. Golden color in psychology indicates success, victory, finances, wealth, stability and prosperity. According to the principles of various beliefs, gold is a color that stimulates the body and mind to be calm stimulate positive energy in the body. Some people therefore like to decorate their homes with gold to bring peace to the body and also to add value to the house and make it look expensive.

Bringing gold color to decorate the house, whether it is painting the house with gold color or decorating your home with gold furniture. Here we show you how to decorate your homes with a touch of opulence using gold accented frame doors from THG RAVE Doors.

White gold color frame. The lightest shade of gold from THG Rave Doors. Can be paired with various tones of decoration, blending together perfectly.

Chrome color frame. Gold shades are colors that can be matched with a variety of colors. It is luxurious and also very popular.

Copper Mist color frame. The darkest shade of gold from THG Rave Doors with a slight copper undertone. Elegant and Classy.

THG RAVE Doors are available in many colors and models. Contact us if you need a catalog and enjoy choosing what you require.

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