Aluminum frame doors. It is most commonly know for its use as a wardrobe door. But did you know? Aluminum frame door frame can also be used to decorate a variety of things, such as being used as shelves and room dividers.

THG would like to introduce everyone to Rave Doors Aluminum Frame. Where and how they are used?

Wardrobe Doors

This is a very practical household furniture that every home must have because it helps organize and protect clothes from dust or dirt. There are many styles of wardrobes. There are different wardrobe styles such as a fully assembled Built-in wardrobe or an open plan Walk-In Closet.

Shelves and Cabinet Doors

It is very important in storage. Because they store their belongings in an orderly manner. Convenient to use in arranging things into categories. Your home will look clutter free, clean, and it has the added benefit of adding beauty and luxury to your home.

Wall-Mounted Mezzanine

This type of shelf is attached to the wall. It is suitable for those who have limited space and want to keep things beautiful and lightweight. This is also great for people who want to show off their collections while adding beauty to the room.

Partition Doors

Division of usage space are the main purpose of room dividers. Door panels made from aluminum frame can be uses as partition doors. In addition to helping allocate space for use. It also helps make the atmosphere of the room look beautiful, luxurious, open, and comfortable.

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