THG RAVE DOORS 1904 sliding kit ( Soft-Close system )

A little edification that makes you more comfortable.

Wardrobe doors, multi-purpose cabinets and partition doors in the building. We use it every day more than we think. In other words, it can be counted as a part of daily life. And because of everyday use in daily life. If we open or close carelessly and making the door slam. It will even shorten both the device and door life. In addition, the noise will annoy others as well.

Wouldn't it be better if we could extend the device life for a longer time? And it's quiet and smooth to open and close the doors every time.

THG RAVE DOORS, 1904 sliding kit is a device that will make opening and closing doors in the house smoother and quieter. With a soft-close system that will be helping the door to slow down until it finally closes. Without impact that causes both noise and damage to other materials.

This little detail will make you feel more comfortable and edified in your life. Do not have to be cautious with usage. and also feel more classy.

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