Solid Surface has many wonderful properties that sets it apart from natural stone countertops. In this Covid pandemic world that we all have to adapt to currently, Solid Surface’s non porous feature gives the added reassurance that bacteria does not easily grow on it. It is also surprisingly fuss free and very easy to maintain. In order to maintain this quality it is important that we care for our Countertop properly to prevent any cuts or scratches forming on the surface.

These are some easy tips on how to maintain and extend the lifespan of your beautiful Solid Surface Countertops.

It is not a cutting board

Always use a proper cutting board on top of your Solid Surface Countertops when cutting your kitchen groceries. Using a knife or other sharp objects directly may cause scratches to form on the countertop. These scratches then give an opportunity for bacteria and viruses to hide out and grow.

Protect from direct heat

While Solid Surface are resistant to heat, do not place hot pans that have been cooking on the stove, hot dishes out of the ovens or even burning cigarettes directly on your solid surface countertops. It is good practice to use a hot pad, trivet or ash tray for such purposes to prevent any unsightly burns on your countertops which will also compromise on its anti bacteria qualities.


Solid Surface Countertops are very easy to clean and general kitchen soap and water are sufficient to remove most surface stains and dirt. We recommend to wipe off excess moisture immediately after cleaning as damp surface tend to become breeding grounds for germs. Do take note however to avoid using harsh commercial cleaners such as thinners, solvents and strong acids on your countertops.

Following these simple practical tips will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your THG Solid Surface Countertops for a long time.

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