In an era when your personal collections become something you like to display. How do we show the collection and have it look classy?

The display cabinet that not just a glass cabinet.

It not just a cabinet for displaying collectibles, but should blend in the area and represent the owner’s identity. When the collectibles you buy are of great sentimental value. You might want to customize your display cabinets. THG RAVE Doors proudly present Matching Shelves that you can create by yourself. It so strong and have unique design that to meet all your needs.

Create Matching Shelves with your creativity.

Because matching designs will help the area look more unified. You can select frame profile and inserts for your cabinet door and definitely to do the same with shelves to make it matching.

More clearly and classy with LED Shelves

Adding luxury to the next level by putting the LED into the shelf.

Not only helps to illuminate in the cabinet but it also helps us feel involved in these areas, depending on the tones of lights

If you want the inside of the cabinet to look more dramatic and represent the classiness of your collections without being too loud. Try to use LED Shelves from THG RAVE Doors to fulfil your needs. Whether the light tones or the position of light,you can choose to place it on the front, back, or sides of each shelf as you like.

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