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Every year around late January and early February. There will be a Chinese New Year festival. Or what Thai people call Chinese New Year for people of Chinese descent to celebrate together. Including paying homage to ancestors, meeting family, traveling or give red envelopes to your relatives. It is another heart-warming festival for many people.

And in this festival, there are tradition that Chinese people respect that they must do in order to bring good luck to their lives. Whether giving oranges or red envelopes as a gift, adding New Year's greetings. Or what we will refer to in this article. That is, wearing colorful and auspicious colours.

“ AUSPICIOUS COLOURS ” are the beliefs of people of Chinese descent that are now quite influential for many Thais. So today, we have brought some colors that Chinese people believe are symbols of good things to apply for interior design.

Except for the striking red that everyone knowns as the color of Chinese New Year, The first color that we are going to introduce is pink.

“ PINK ” for Chinese people, they believe it is a symbol of good luck. It represents beauty, warmth and growth.

You can seen that these meanings are suitable for decorating houses according to beliefs as well. They are beautiful, heart-warming, and mean helping people in the resident grow and progress.

THG RAVE DOORS has a “ ROSE GOLD ” aluminum frame door to choose for interior decoration for those who want a luxurious and classy pink color. Meet needs to those who want to strengthen their beliefs for peace of mind. Or use it for your own personal preferences.

And the next color that we would like to recommend is gold.

“ GOLDEN COLOUR ” for Chinese people, they believe it is a symbol of abundance, wealth and power.

THG RAVE DOORS is available in many shade of golden colors. Available in “ WHITE GOLD ” “ CHROME ” and “ COPPER MIST ”. You can choose what shade of gold you want to suit your home.

In addition to being consistent with beliefs. These colors themselves are both beautiful and luxurious. Including the handles in various profiles that are the same piece. It makes the use and visibility look even more smooth.

No matter what your preference or belief, let THG RAVE DOORS be a part of your interior design.

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