A212 is a beautiful slim Aluminum Frame that gives off a graceful classy vibe. It is highly versatile and can be used for cabinet doors, floating doors and wardrobe doors. It is very popular among Interior Designers who love its elegant thin frontal look. This model is easily combined with the A212RH which comes with a built in handle for ease of opening and can be for both swing and sliding doors.

A212 Swing Door

Although the A212 is a slim Aluminum Frame, we produce it with a thick Aluminum core to ensure strength and safety. As such the A212 swing door can be produced up to a recommended maximum size of 600x2700mm.

A212 Sliding Door

For Sliding Doors, the A212 can be paired with our Italian made 1919 Sliding kit. The vertical sliding door can go up to a recommended maximum size of 600x1600mm and the horizontal sliding door can go up to a recommended maximum size of 1200x800mm

Thickness of the material inside the frame

A212RH Brown

A212RH Black

A212RH Brown

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