Whether it is Cabinet Doors, Wardrobe Doors or Partition Doors, people choose between Aluminum Frame Doors or Wood Doors. Both materials have its place and are suitable in different situations. It is also common to find both materials within the same house.

Here we look at the different aspects of each material to consider when choosing your door material.

Look & Feel

Wood is the predominant material used in a traditional Thai style house décor and wooden doors would fit in perfectly into these home designs. It is often associated with an old school charm. They are completely opaque so it ensures privacy and keeps all your belongings hidden.

The Aluminum Frame Doors are widely used in modern, contemporary designs. When paired with clear inserts, they are a wonderful way to showcase your displays. When paired with translucent inserts, it gives your showcase a soft dreamy feel. If you are looking for privacy but want to maintain the contemporary design, you can pair your Aluminum Frame Door with a fully opaque insert.


In Thailand’s tropical humid climate, you do need some extra precautions for your wooden doors. You do need to watch out for moisture getting into your wooden doors as these may cause the door to warp or may attract termites.

The rough surface gives the impression of excitement and attention. It reduces slippage and improves grip stability. Suitable for use and also suitable for owners who like something different.

Environmental & Recycling Considerations

Wooden doors are usually painted, stained and installed with glue and this makes it generally unsuitable for recycling. There is also the consideration that trees have to be cut down to gather wood to be manufactured into doors.

Aluminum easily stands out when it comes to recycling. As noted on

• Recycling is a critical part of the modern aluminum business. Making recycled aluminum only takes around 5% of the energy needed to make new aluminum — reducing carbon emissions and saving money for businesses and end consumers.

• As a result, nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

• In most industrial markets like automotive and building, recycling rates for aluminum exceed 90%.

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