Many people may wonder why in the interior of the house it is highly recommended to use Aluminium Frame Doors for cabinets, partitions
and various furniture items.

Today, THG will take a look at the reasons for using aluminium frames.

1. Strong and durable

Aluminium frame doors has the characteristics of heat resistance, moisture resistance, rust resistance and high strength, making it highly durable and resistant to breakage. It also has other superior properties such as being termite free, corrosion free and does not get moldy
from moisture unlike wood.

2. Can be used with various opening types

Aluminium frame doors can be made to order according to the size needed, coupled with strength and durability.
Aluminum frames can therefore be used with a wide variety of doors. You can also choose options of swing or sliding doors.

3. Easy installation

Aluminium frame panels are lightweight. Easy to move It is also widely popular. Therefore, there are many skilled technicians making it easy
to find a technician to install and remove.

4. A variety of colours, beautiful and fashionable.

Currently, there are many colours for the aluminium frame to choose from such as ash brown, chrome and Manhattan graphite.
That gives a feeling of modern style and smoothness to suit every style.

5. Easy to maintain and clean

Cleaning is also very easy. Just wipe with a damp cloth to clean is enough.

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