Decorating a room with “woodgrains” is another option that can make your space more interesting. It can help transform ordinary spaces into mysterious, bright, or warm according to the choice that you selected.

Brighten up the space
by using light woodgrains with white color.

Usually, if we want the room to be brighter, we would choose white as the main choice but the whole room will look drab and a bit boring. The selection of woodgrains laminated in bright tone to help decorate whether it's walls, shelves or furniture, it's another interesting and quite popular option.

Because it makes you feel comfortable and doesn't make you feel bored easily.

Heart warming
by using woodgrains with earth tone decoration.

Select one type of woodgrain laminated to decorate the entire room look like we’re in the woods! Choose a woodgrain laminated in neutral tones, not too dark or too bright and add more heart warming to this style by little details with earth tone decoration.

Mysterious in luxury
by using dark woodgrains with black color.

If you want to decorated the room in dark tone, look mysterious but still look luxury.

Choose dark woodgrains laminated with clearly pattern. Add little details with black decoration, including a lamp in cool tone, it will make this room style look cooler.

Because in reality, there are many types of woodgrains. THG designs a variety of woodgrains laminated to select to meet all styles and needs of each person perfectly.

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